Good Morning,

Since I have Updated and Migrated to GroupWise 8 hp1 running on SuSE Linux 10.2 sp1, I have not been able to get the Automatic Client Update working.

All the users, including myself as an admin, get the pop-up: There is new groupwise software available, however, you cannot currently access the new software to update. Please contact your administrator.

My Groupwise Software Distribution Directory is installed on an NSS volume, and I have given the Client & Win32 directory rights for Read & File Scan.

I have not done much with the Linux rights whereas I an still learning them. Does the linux permissions need anything ?

I have mapped drives to that location and everyone can browse there and start the install manually, it just won't work automatically.

I have Samba enabled, however I would like to enable CIFS. When I use the Yast > OES Install and Configuration, I can not complete the setup due to a pre-existing ncp server object.

Can anyone tell me how to configure CIFS on a running system ?

I have tried setupip as well and have not had any luck with that either, however that may be my configurations for it. I will be trying that again also.

Thank you,