My apologies if this is not the correct forum.

I have two OES2 servers in the same tree, that are on different sides of a slow WAN connection. I also have users that travel to both sites.

Because of the slow WAN connection, allowing these users to access their home directory across the WAN is not an option, so I would like to give them a seperate home directory on each server.

My problem is with the login script. I have always just used the "MAP H:=%HOME DIRECTORY" command, but this does not work since the %HOME DIRECTORY attribute contains a server name.

My only idea, is to instead have a duplicate volume name and directory structure on both servers and use something like "MAP H:=VOL1:\HOME\%LOGIN_NAME". But as I understand it, %LOGIN_NAME is truncated to 8 characters, which means I would have to recreate/rename many of my existing home directories.

Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.