Okay, this is the first time I have had to do this on a Linux box (have
NetWare memorized).

I have test environment and have made a first run at it there. From the
install I went to Install Products > GroupWise Agents. It prompted me
and told me I needed to update all components of the server (I have all
things running on one Linux box for my testing). I said OK.

After the install was complete, I started all of my agents everything
appeared to be running 8.0.1. However, when I logged into my WebAccess
to check the version, the Program Release still says 8.0.0. So I went
back to the install and reinstalled both the WebAccess Agent and the
WebAccess Application. After restarting apache and tomcat, the program
release still reads 8.0.0.

Is the update to GroupWise on Linux really that easy? Do I need to go
thru the configure steps for the WebAccess Agent/Application for them to
complete correctly?