Hello, I had a question regarding how to determine if NAT was in
dynamic mode, and whether NAT implicit Filtering has been disabled? Also
how does this affect other functions of the server?

I need to know where I go to check whether or not this has been set? I
would assume under Inetcfg, but would someone be able to provide more
directions? Also if I place the "SET DYNAMIC MODE TO PASS THRU=ON" in the
Autoexec.ncf where would it have to be placed at the Top or the Bottom of
the file? We are trying to set up filters and proxies for a customer, and
are trying to do much of it remotely. I have Craig's books regarding how to
setup generic proxies for PCAnywhere access, and I saw in there that to
make this work you needed to have NAT implicit Filtering disabled(or the
inbound users would not be able to access this proxy). Just needed to know
how to check this and also to see how this would affect other services?
Thank you for any help or directions that you can offer.