I'm using ZENworks 7.0.1 and im trying to edit settings.txt for my PXE boot to run a custom script.s.

The boot process is as follows:
  1. boot with standard kernel and initrd
  2. copy extra files from tftp directory using the get command to the bin directory
  3. chmod 777 on the extra files and scripts
  4. dos2unix script.s
  5. try to execute script.s

all the chmod and copy commands succeed and i have verified that.
when it comes to running the script.s i have tried the following

method :1
simple /bin/script.s and results in not displaying any of my echo commands that are meant to run beforehand and display the a black zenworks splash screen (after the normal blue one) with a blinking cursor that displays any keys i enter but nothing else
(see attached screenshot from my vm)

method: 2
export IMG="\bin\script.s" and displays all my echo commands but doesnt run the script.s and displays a bash prompt.
If i enter script.s manually, it runs fine. Provided i'm not stuck in method 1.

any ideas?