Hi folks,

I'm about to embark on an upgrade and migration of our GroupWise system
from 7.x on NetWare to 8.0.1 on SLES, and i have a question about setup
of file systems on the Linux side.

I will be running the SLES hosts as VMs in a VMware ESX server
environment. I would like to run multi-server so that i can decouple
the domains and POs from each other, and run in tandem with the existing
installation, slowing migrating users online as required.

I want to set up GroupWise so that it can be administered both from
Windows workstations and the Linux servers. From my reading of [1],
this means that on each server where i want to administer GroupWise,
/mnt/server/groupwise/path (assuming /mnt is the chosen mount location)
must point to the same place as \\server\groupwise\path in UNC format.

Between the fact that some of the POs & domains will still be running on
NSS volumes on the NW6.5 boxes and the fact that some will be running on
different Linux servers, how can i provide a coherent file system name
space? I'd prefer for it to be automatically mounted rather than
manually - i've used NFS autofs for this in the past, but since NFS is
bad news with GroupWise, it can't happen that way this time.

What configuration do you folks actually use to enable multi-server
Linux GroupWise systems? Or are multi-server systems so uncommon these
days that it's not worth thinking about? Should i just put it in a
single Linux VM and wear the fact that in that case all POs and domains
must be upgraded and service-packed simultaneously? Is another file
system that provides cross-node transparency in mount point names (like
OCFS2 [2]) a viable option?

Thanks in advance,

[1] http://www.caledonia.net/blog/?p=143 (BTW, Danita: I am SO glad your
site supports RSS, because your background wallpaper makes me feel sick
every time i look at it! :-)

seems to indicate that OCFS2 is possible - whether or not is supported
is not noted.