2 days ago our GroupWise server stopped receiving emails from, or
email to internet, but it works normally within our network.
I checked the physical connection which seems OK. I can ping other
servers but not the BM3.5 Gateway which does a static NAT to the Mail
and the gateway works fine for every other Static NAT...On the Mail
server in Inetcfg the gateway address is well setup and the arp records

are correct on the Gateway and on Mail servers.

I did a full restart of BM and it still did not work. Mail
server and Gateway both have the same subnet mask.

When I set a ping from Mail to Gateway no packets got received, then if
I unload IPFLT the ping screen on mail shows packet been received for
few seconds
then stops... the same thing happens when I reload the filters.

I am seeking some advice to solve the situation.