I usually don't post, but would rather search & read the forums for
answers.. then experiment... so this will be a first...

Short Story: Can NBM NAT from public IP address "back" to a Cisco NAT-ed

Public IP --> NBM NAT --> private LAN which contains what the Cisco
considers the Public NIC --> NAT --> Cisco Private NIC / Webserver

Long Story: (I'll apologize now ....)

1.) Specs: NBM 3.8 w/sp4 + NBM38sp4_ir2a patch for filtsrv nonds=on
2.) NW6.5 w/sp3 + nw65os3a patch + n65nss patch
3.) Cisco pix 6.x on cisco 515E appliance
4.) A-Record associated with public IPaddress
(i.e. http://mustangs.autodealer.com --> 66.85.10.x)
5.) NBM binding of A-Record public IPaddress as "secondary ipaddress" on
NBM public NIC
6.) NBM NAT enabled on public NIC and public IPaddress (noted above) is
NAT-ed to "public" IPaddress bound to PIX public NIC.

I can NAT from the Internet to a Webserver named BOB on the same subnet
that contains an IP address for the private NIC of NBM.

I can access a Webserver named FRED NAT-ed through the PIX from my local
LAN (the same subnet that contains the private NBM NIC). FRED is on another
subnet (private) different that my LAN.

I cannot access FRED from the Internet via the NBM NAT back via the PIX-NAT
to FRED.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I have dropped the filters (unload ipflt) for testing to remove them
from the equation. NAT works for other public to private translations (from
the Internet to my local LAN) however, I don't have a "double NAT"
scenario. Also, NBM reverse proxy is configured with another
A-record/public IP address back through the CISCO PIX-NAT to yet another
webserver and it functions fine.