I run a restrictive desktop environment which we use the group policy option of "Run only allowed windows applications." I've had my first addition to the executable list since updating to 10.2.1, and I'm having a MAJOR problems. I could access my policy, but after making changes to GPO, my workstations are experiencing errors of "The content for grouppolicy is not accessible at this time. Please try again later." And when I try to re-edit my policy and click the Configure button, I get "An error occurred while extracting the group policy content. The content has not been processed or the zenloader service is not running."

The zenloader service is running.

So far I've unintentionally broke 2 existing policies as I'm trying to figure out what is happening. It doesn't matter if I edit an existing policy or create a brand new policy, they both experience the same errors. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Group Policy Helper, that hasn't helped anything either. I'm desperately looking for a solution.