We are having an issue with a couple clients that have abysmal performance uploading files to just one of our netware 6.5 servers. They are able to copy to several other netware 6.5 servers on our network, but there is just one that they are having trouble copying to. Copies and uploads to the server take about 100 times the amount of time it should take (no exaggeration) to transfer the files. Download speeds are about what they should be, so it is just a one way issue. I took one of these trouble machines and compared all the Novell client settings and client patch levels to client machines that were working fine, and made sure everything was identical. I even made sure they were on the same subnet and the same user was logged in when trying to copy. Still no luck. There are no errors in the system log on the server, and there are no errors in the application or system logs of the workstations. Nothing is logged on the logger screen. I have tried mapped drives, UNC connections, etc to the server and all seem to behave them same way. I have also tried setting the NIC to auto-negotiate and also tried locking it in at a set speed and duplex with no luck. It is only a couple machines that are having trouble, and it is only to this server. Everyone else is fine.
Anyone have any ideas where to look next?