I was working with a couple members of my staff on setting up projects within your own profile. Here is the stage:
Novell teaming 2.0
I create a new team workspace under my own workspace and I add user A and user B as team members. Both team members see my new team workspace and are able to access it.
OK, That works great...
Now, user A decides that he wants to create a new team workspace directly under the my team workspace. However, during the creation, he does not include me in the team.
The problem with this is now the new team exists under my workspace, but I have absolutely no indication that there is a sub-team workspace under my own team workspace. User A has essentially locked the parent owner out. He can add user B to the team member list and any other user to the team list, but I would never know about it.
My question is, is there a way to make the parent workspace owner an automatic team member of any teams that are created within the team he is a manager of?
Also, to weave move turns into this web, user B can create another team workspace under user A's workspace, that exists under my created team workspace that exists in my user's workspace. Now, if user B deletes the workspace he created, then user A's workspace disappears and becomes only visible to Mary Admin.
ieee yi yi....