Hi I am hoping to Migrate BM onto a new ISP.

The IPaddress for Proxy and the filters for Proxy have been tested and
all is fine. This will work

I also have four more PUBLIC IPaddresses.

2 x PC Anywhere
1 x GroupWise

1) so the first address (example only) 1.x.x.50 is for Proxy

2) 1.x.x.51 and .52 (example only) is for PC Anywhere.

Now this has not been configured Yet. But the plan is

Create a STATIC NAT between the Internal IP of the PC ANywhere Server
and the Public IP address .51 (do the same for second server on .52)

Now I have both of Craigs books and I have read that I could use a
Stateful packet filter for PCanywhere on ports 5632 5631 is this a good
idea? or should I use the four seperate filters as shown in the example?

One last question. If I want to have a VPN connection from a private
address to another company on the web. Should I use Dynamic NAT and the
primary IP address that PROXY is configured on?

Thanks for any help