Every two days or so, all three of our replica eDirectory login servers get the following repeated console message, starting at approximately 8:10 AM:

9-18-2009 8:09:45 am: SERVER-5.70-276 [nmID=4001A]
A Scheduled "Work To Do" took over on eminute to be run.

During this time, the CPU is spiked to 99-100%, and the servers become virtually unresponsive. The major impact, is that they stop serving logins; users trying to authenticate to eDirectory from their XP clients receive a "tree or server cannot be found" error, and do not even see a tree when browsing for it. The console error message repeats every minute or so, with the server continuing to be unresponsive, for 20 to 30 minutes. Once this time has passed, CPU returns to normal idle speeds, and users can see the tree, and log in again.

It is becoming very frustrating to users trying to log in at that time, and this issue needs to be resolved. When users arrive in the morning, it shouldn't take them 20-30 minutes to be able to log in.

All three of our replica servers are running Netware 6.5 SP8, fully patched as of 9/18/2009.