I recently migrated our last NetWare server over to OES2 SP1 Linux. I have
a trustee assignment giving [Public] READ and FILE SCAN rights to a
directory on the server. It has always been my understanding that rights
given to [Public] would apply to unauthenticated users. This used to work
fine on our NetWare server, but since moving over to OES 2 Linux, it seems
that unauthenticated users can view the files in the directory, but not read

Here are the things that I have tried so far:

- Deleting then recreating the trustee assignment and forcing an SEV update
(no change)
- Copying a file from SYS:\Public (same problem)
- Copying a file from SYS:\Public on an OES1 Linux server (same problem)
- Running ndsrepair (no change)

The directory that I need to get this working on is an NCP share on an NSS
volume, but SYS:\Public is an NCP share on a Linux file system, so it
doesn't seem to be NSS/non-NSS specific.

If I log into the Novell Client as a generic student account that has no
other rights to the directory in question, then I don't have any problems, I
can both see the files and read them. It is only when unauthenticated that
I have problems.

I am using the latest Novell Client for Windows XP with all of the latest
post-SP patches.

Any thoughts?