I am migrating our GW8HP2 system from Netware to OES2 Linux and things have been going great until I tried getting the WebAccess Agent to start up. To me, it looks like gwinter is not reading the .waa file to get it's config. When I try to load WebAccess with /etc/init.d/grpwise, I get an almost instant fail. When I try to run it using the gwinter command - specifically gwinter --show @webac80a.waa, I get nothing - no console, no error, nothing is logged - I'm instantly dropped back to the command prompt.
I have gone so far as to completely delete the WebAccess agent and reinstall it. I've verified that the files are where they are supposed to be. I know the setup is good because when I launch it from the command line specifying the home directory (/ph) and IP address, the agent loads an I can access it without any problems.
By the way, this is on a 2 node SLES10SP2/OES2SP1 cluster, on an EXT3 volume.
Why won't it read my config file? Any suggestions are welcome!