We patched our GroupWise 8.0 installation to Service Pack 1 three weeks ago and have been having major problems ever since in that it is averaging going down once a day. The indexer was kicking up allot of bad or missing blob file messages and was taking forever to run so we regenerated the indexes. The abends stopped for a few days but the indexer continued to run, again, kicking up these messages but with added user database errors, 810E. After reading the forums, we did a top down rebuild, and regenerated the indexes again.

It stayed up for almost two days but the errors returned, making us believe that SP1 was causing these database corruptions. So we loaded GW agents into their own protected address space in hopes of preventing the server from going down. The abends stopped, but GroupWise last evening got very busy all of the sudden with 8F01 errors stating it could not communicate with the handler thread. We upped the thread count and today everything was working great. TCP thread usage was 0 - 2 at a time, even though we set them to 25 and the indexer ran every hour as it should, starting and finishing as normal. Then, all of the sudden both the POA and MTA agents just shut down. No abend, nothing in the logs showing an issue..they just disappeared and the address space was locked. It's running now but for how long, who knows. Any suggestions? Can we roll back to pre SP1?