I'm running on ZAM 7.50.0051 Interium Release 19. The portable collector will not run to completion in this version. The cclient is 7.50.0051 IR 19. It seems to just hang in the Collector script. It will not allow colw32 or ccedit to start.

It works when installed resident on the client systems. It can be triggered remotely or with "cclient /scannow" locally. (7.50.0051 IR 19)

We have systems that do not like the ZAM software to be installed. They will hangup when the audit runs and require a reboot to recover.
The quick answer here was to stop the programs that don't run with the ZAM client and run the Portable collector until this latest version.

An older version of the PC is 7.50.0011 and always works.

Anyone have this problem?