We are trying to setup our helpdesk software website so external users
can access it. However, we have been unsuccessful. We don't have any
issues accessing it internally from our 10.1.1.X LAN

We have had our ISP setup a public DNS "A" record of
customerservice.amerinet-gpo.com which resolves to and that
appears to be working.

Next we added a NAT to our Firewall to take traffic and put
it to the local IP of which is our local address for the
webserver running the helpdesk software.

We also made sure that BM filters are allowing traffic on ports 80 and
443 to the local IP as well.

We have 4 other webservers (on a separate servers than our helpdesk
software website) that are exposed to the outside in this same manner and
all work fine.

The helpdesk website is on Windows 2003 server SP1 running IIS 6.0. Our
firewall server is NetWare 6 SP5 and BM 3.7 SP3.

I have tried to just telnet to the public IP of on port 80
and it times out. I can't understand why, and have checked my entries on
BM and even deleted and re did them 3 times to make sure I didn't make a
mistake. I even have another web server on that block NAT'd the same way
and it works (, if you telnet to it on port 80 it goes
right away.

What else can I try? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!