Is there any way to change information in the c:\program files\novell\zenworks\conf\initial-web-service file at the server end?

I have installed ZCM SP2 on a SLES10 XEN-based virtual server for which I was given incorrect DNS info. I have changed the incorrect DNS information on the SLES virtual server from server.organisation.com to server.local. I have also changed the ZAA deployment package so that it now points to the correct DNS name (server.local).

However when I log into a workstation I am unable to log into ZCM - I get a popup telling me to check my credentials (Unable to log into the ZENworks realm because the system has disconnected from the network and the specified credentials did not match with the credentials cached on the system.), etc. Having checked this error message on the forums it all pointed to DNS which has now been sorted - for this workstation anyway. There is no dynamic DNS so this workstation has been setup manually and the name is resolvable by the ZCM server. I am able to register and unregister the workstation from ZCM so there is communication. And according to the agent it's pointing to server.local - this having been changed in the Deployment Package so that's okay.

I have also noticed that when I uninstall the ZAA from the workstation the server address points to server.organisation.com. If I change this to server.local the uninstall does remove every trace of the workstation from ZCM.

Everything I have checked so far points me to the initial-web-service file which, every time I deploy it, still has the incorrect DNS information pointing to server.organisation.com. I'm pretty sure this is the problem. It's not a
workstation issue because the uninstall does remove this file as it should and I have the same issue on other machines.

Is there any way to change this incorrect DNS name in the initial-web-service file so that ZCM deploys it (with the ZAA) with the correct info?