I posted a NAT issue in a different forum, which I got figured out,
however, I've got a new issue. I want to run all my static public IPs
through NAT and filtsrv to try to plug some of the massive holes I have
at work. Basically, anything with a public IP address is just
connected into a switch, with is connect directly to our internet
router. So, basically, bad news.

I planned on running static addresses through my BorderManager 3.7
enabled server. However, instead of doing this all in one shot, I want
to do it a machine at a time because I will have to give all those
machines with public IP addresses, private IPs and change their
subnet/gateway. Plus they're spread out all over the place. When I
turn NAT services on(static and dynamic), all routing on my
bordermanager box just stops working aside from my internet proxy.
Let's just say for instance I have a webaccess box without a domain
name, sitting at When I turn on static and dynamic
NAT, I can't ping that IP from inside the network, or outside. When I
turn NAT off I can ping again.