When have Netware 6.5 servers. We are confused which product to use. NWAdmin, ConsoleOne, or iManager. Its seems each has it limits.

NWadmin we can create everything, but no ability to copy objects. We can not open or edit ZenPolicies that were created for XP machines. These have a question mark next to there name.

ConsoleOne we can copy objects, but when we go to create we get an error message "There is not a snap-in to create this type of object". Object that were created can not be edit. Again ZenPolicy objects.

iManger we can create user objects and copy them but no other. Finding objects and editing them is confusing because certain things such as directories are entered in hex.

Also, since a server crash this summer, we have lost the ability to remote into a users desktop. We have the ZfdAgent installed on all workstations, but none of the managerment utilities list the Remote management control. This a very important feature because our campus is spread out and obvious somethings are a simple fix and I do not want to send a tech out for a two minute fix.