I have now done three GW migrations and all three have failed with various errors.

1.) dbcopy of the post offices fails to copy the entire folder structure. I am using the command as follows.

./dbcopy -m -p

2.) When I start the MTA it fails to connect to the POA and the POA remains closed. When I was working with NTS they ran some database fixes, would anyone be able to help me with determining what I am missing when I migrate the gw system I am going to be asked to do more of these in the future and I am getting stuck at the same point. MTA remains closed on the POA I check the links and directory structure but still no joy.

3.) If I have to recreate the GWIA is there a way to keep the settings from my original GWIA configuration? I kept the gwac.db and the gwia.cfg , perhaps I need to take screen shots as well.

Thank you