I just recently installed Small Business Suite 6.5 sp5 and BM 3.8 sp4 and
now my IP forwarding no longer
works. I am trying to establish a staic route to an internal workstation
so I can host an ftp server. Before patching it worked fine. I double
checked all the settings I could think of:

1. BM mahcine is acting as a router
2. in tcpcon it says the server is a router and IP forwarding statistics
are showing.
3. on the public interface I double and triple checked the static route
under Network Adrress Translation.
4. the secondary Ip address that I am trying to assign is assigned as a
Secondary ip address found in inetcfg.
5. I unloaded filtcfg to see if that was blocking access, and that didn't
6. I tried forwarding to different workstations with no success. I go to
dslreports.com to determine my IPfrom whois and no matter what it shows
the BM IP address not the static or secondary ip address I am trying to
route to the workstation. In this same area I disabled windows xp sp2
firewall and no luck.

I don't seem to be having any other issues, its been a week since the