We have a Zenworks problem which has just arisen and I wonder if you can shed any light.

We were running Zenworks 7SP1 IR4. Last week we loaded Zenworks 7SP1 SR4.

Now, whenever we image a PC, the imaging process appears to finish, but we get an error: "Zenworks Imaging failed with Error:52"

The system then reboots and starts the process again. If you look at the workstation properties, the Zenworks Image tickbox has not cleared, and hence the restart of the imaging.

I found that Zenworks error 52 is: "52 - No partition type given when asked to create a part". I don't know why it would be saying that. (It is also possible that this message has always been there, but we have never noticed it, as the process has always worked).

I rolled back to IR4, but no change.

We are now in an infinite loop, as when the system is PXE booted, the machine is imaged each time.

Do you have any thoughts?


Leo & Anthony