I'm trying to plug up some of our massive security holes here at work
today(saturday maintenance work, yay). Just to play with NAT, I had it
running on a plain old netware 5.1 server with not filtering. I've
decided to take today to get everything moved to my bordermanager(3.7)
box. I've got the default filtering all in place, and started to do my
NAT tables. I figured I'd start out easy and NAT one of my webservers.
It worked fine on my regular netware box, but when I set it up to NAT
with the BM server, it just won't NAT. I know it's not the filtering,
because it still doesn't work when I unload the filtering services. I
checked out the possible trouble spots that Craig's various PDFs
mentioned, but nothing has helped so far.

I'm stumped.