We are currently using a 2 node cluster, running Netware 6.5 OES 2 (SP8) on an MSA1000 using NSS. This is part of an Edirectory tree 8.8.5 with about 12 seperate servers (non cluster). All these servers run the same OS and also use NSS

We have found that we need to upgrade our SAN, and one of ther more affordable options is the MSA2000.

However the MSA2000 does not support Netware in any way.

My question, the obvious answer is to upgrade to SLES, however, whereas I know SLES 10 will run the same edir version etc, how does the file system work? Can we still use NSS? How will the windows clients access the data? what about the trustee rights?

How much pain will be involved in upgrading the cluster to a SLES10 cluster, without upgrading the independant servers, yet still requiring people to be able to access the data without the need to upgrade their machines.