We are running netmail for students on a NW6.5 server with a private IP
10.0.0.x. Students need access to email from off campus. Our connection
to internet is as follows: Netware 65 sp5 with BM 3.8 accting as a
proxy/cache server (saves 25% of our bandwith). No filters. Two nics.
Private is 10. Public is with static and dynamic nat
turned on secondary IP for netmail server of nated to
10.0.0.x. When traffic leaves BM server is travels to a packetter for
shapping of multi media next to a barracuda spyware filter then to a
fortigate firewall. All of those boxes are 172.20.149.x's. I don't buy
the gear or pay the bills. I only try to make what the boss purchases

This was a working process until two weeks ago. Than it broke. I may
have had my hand in the breaking but I'm not sure what I might have done.
I've inserted connections between all the links in the chain and have
determined it is the BM that is stopping traffic. Remember netmail is
accessed via port 44480. Also on the inside is our library catalog
running on an IIS box. Up till two days ago it was working from off
camps. At that time porn started to relay off the IIS server. I thought
I can stop that and switched the catalog to port 44480 and advertised it
to the world as such via our web page which is hosted off site. Guess
what is now broken. That's right! no web catalog from off campus.
Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.