Hi all: We have setup and DMZ off of our BM39 server. The
only purpose of the DMZ is to allow a few clients relatively
unencumbered internet access. We have had lots of problems
with our BM proxy interfering with secure Citrix implemented
by some partner we work with (Hospitals).

We also have visiting review staff from Drug companies as we
do many drug studies. These visitors often need internet
access and up to this point I have been placing them on our
internal subnet. But I am rethinking this and am
considering moving our visitors to the DMZ instead.

To do this I want to setup a DHCP server on our BM server
(Done) to serve up addresses for the DMZ. However during
testing the clients are not seeing the DHCP server. I
suspect this is a filtering issue. I currently only have
one set of filters for the DMZ which allows all traffic from
the public interface to the DMZ and back.

I am assuming the DHCP server needs a filter to allow
traffic but I have no idea what that would look like. Can
you help me out? Thanks, Chris.