I am trying to set up DLU policy to allow users to log in with an existing credentials set up on the Server that will not volatile when the users logs off. I understand if I choose the option to "Use the credential specified below" it will always volatile the user.

I noticed under the Help section for "Use user source credentials" it describes an option to use a "predetermined credential set specified in the Configuration object" Can some tell me where this is or explain what this is referring to.

I am running ZCM 10.2.1

Thank you,

Enables logging in through the user source credentials instead of Windows* NT*, Windows 2000, or Windows XP credentials. When creating the user account, NWGINA can use either the same credential set used for user source authentication, or a predetermined credential set specified in the Configuration object. When using user source credentials to create the workstation user account, NWGINA queries the user source account for the login name, full name, and description. The password for the Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP user account is the same as the password for the user source account.