Hey all,

Sort of a strange problem here and I am a bit stumpted.

I have an application that is installed locally to the computer and needs Administrator rights to run. No problem. I create an app that points to C:\Program Files\App\App.exe and run it as unsecure system user.

However, when the app is launched, it needs access to the CD/DVD that is installed on the D:\ drive. When the app launches I get the error "Please insert the CD". Well, it is in the drive. If I logon as an administrator and run the app from the NAL window, I get the same error. As admin, if I run the app from the workstation C:\Program Files\App\App.exe, it works just fine.

Any ideas? I am on Zen 7 sp1 all patched up as of a few weeks ago with the latest hp4 patch.