The postoffice on one of our customers servers went down today and now it doesn't start up anymore. The error is C057 Database maintenance in progress error.

The postoffice is GroupWise 8.0.1 running op SLES 10 SP2 x86_64.

The logfile shows these errors before shutdown:
The database facility reported error [8210] on ngwguard.db
The database facility reported error [8201] on ngwguard.db

After shutdown and startup the log shows a lot of
The database facility reported error [C057] on userr6g.db with different user databases.
and The database facility reported error [C057] on ngwguard.db.

After that, the POA did not startup.

The PO is located on a volume on a Netapp SAN. The volume was exported with NFS to the server running the POA and MTA. At the same time, the volume was shared via CIFS for administrative purposes. This has been functional for about 2 weeks.

I think the problem with 8210 and 8201 are caused by a change of file security and ownership from the Windows client which forced it's way down through the tree until it reached the postoffice.

I have turned of the CIFS share and set NFS as the only way of accessing the files. I performed chown -R root:root and chmod -R 777 * on the Groupwise directories to reset all file and directory ownerships and permissions.

The domain works fine, it is in the same directory structure.
The big question is now how to solve the problem with the postoffice.