Need pointers to install DSfW in eDir structure with root and just below 3 organisations (o=org1 o=org2 and o=org3) below each o we have a structure of ou's and the users are typically placed in "ou=users.ou=dept.ou=site.o=org2"
We have internal DNS servers running on OES2 Linux on the domain ""

As we need a seperate o or ou partioned out for DSfW it seems we need to do this 3 times, or is the best way to create a 4th organisation and the move users/groups into this from each of our org1 org2 and org3 ?
Injecting an o above the org1 org2 and org3 and changing these to ou's could be a better design but this is a major change not "just" implemented - so we will not do that.

In a test install we did, the DSfW destroyed the entries in our DNS if we choose to use the existing domain name (, so do we really need to choose a differnt domain name for DSfW or should we export our old DNS records, cretae the DSfW domain (incl DNS) and the import ?

Good pointers on a solid solution for the scenario will be appreciated :-)