I have been working on a GroupWise client issue for the last hour and I'm lost at what the issue could be.

The problem is that I couldn't create a new message in GroupWise or access the address book. I was able to view and respond to messages just fine though.

This is what I did.

1. Uninstall Gw, didn't work
2. Run reg cleaner, uninstall GW, didn't work
3. I found out that Windows Messaging wasn't working correctly, uninstalled and installed again. Still didn't work
4. Under Mail in the Control Panel I compared Novell GroupWise Message store, mine says version 8.0 however the machine I was working said 6.5 (even though I installed 8.0 on the machine)
5. I tried replacing the gwmsp132.dll (from my computer) to the trouble computer, still didn't work.
6. Uninstalled Windows Messaging and GW again and did a clean install, still didn't work.
7. Removed Novell GroupWise Message store, open GW up and I'm actually able to click the mail button and the screen finally appears. However I got this error "Grpwise.exe - entry point not found". I still can't type the name into the To field in the message. Also the address book has an error "addrbook.exe - Entry Point not found". I click okay and the address book will appear.

Client Background:
GroupWise 8sp1
Win XP SP3

I know the account works fine since I'm able to access it using my GW without any issues.

Any suggestions would be the most helpful.