BM 3.8 NW65 SP5
Two connections to the Internet trough two separate Cisco877 routers.

What I would like to achieve is to separate web traffic from mail
traffic. I have two nics on the outside of the BM box each connected to
one of the Cisco routers. Each on different public IP range. Bringing
the traffic in on separate interfaces is not a problem, however I cannot
make the mail server send through the second Cisco box. I believe the
problem is the default route but I cannot figure out how to change it.
At present the default route is mapping to next hop
xxx.xxx.xxx.234 which is the gateway on the cisco1. I had added a
secondary IP address to the internal nic ( and made that
( the gateway in the tcp/ip configuration on the mail server.
However I had no luck in setting up a static route to the outside
nick that is connected to the cisco2 router.

My questions are:

1) is what I am trying to achieve even possible?
2) if it is, how do I go about it.

The private ip address of the mail server is natted to the intended mail
nic and works fine for the inbound mail, but not the outbound mail, that
ends up on the default route nic.

I do not think this is a filter problem as it persist even with filters