I tried to RTFM, but I simply couldnt follow it, so I'm turning here
for help.

We have a BM3.8 server that is happily running a HTTP/FTP proxy. I
didnt build it but I basically inherited it, and can update the ACL
lists and restart it when it breaks and not much more than that really
:-). What I want to do is use NAT to allow certain staff full internet
access via the BM server. Working pretty much the same way NAT does on
your average home DSL router. So that everything goes through, ping,
msn, p2p clients, games, whatever. I figure the certain staff bti
should be easy enough with a security group, but buggered if I know how
to set up the other bit :-)

Is this possible with BM? Is NAT even the right tool to use? Help