I was setting up a NAt to a fedora core box. We have many Suse &
netware box's configured with secondary public ip's and NAT with no

Our BM config (as of Jul 31/06)

NW65SP5 & nw65OS5A & nw65sp5upd1
BM3.8 (SP3 & SP4 & SP4 IR5)

Anyway, first step:
With a secondary public address (which we have many) and the filters
dropped I can ping the secondary ipaddress and the BM server will

Second step:
Added the NAT to the internal ip address to the secondary ip addres on
the BM server.

If I ping the internal ipaddress of the fedora box from an internal
machine I get a reply.

If I ping the public ip address with filters down, after making sure
the NAT is in place, I get no response from the ping and the pakets are
(This same test to a netware/apache server works....on multiple
different public secondary ipaddress's)

The firewall is turned off on the fedora box..

Any thoughts on this one ?

thanks, Joe