Ever since upgrading our GW from 8.0.0hp1 to 8.0.1, we've been having multiple issues with email delivery to our blackberry users. I've got an open call with Novell Support but they aren't being much help. We've got two distinct problems which I'd like the group's input on.

1. The number of SOAP threads on our POA's was set to 20. We started having trouble with delivery delays system-wide to the BES. RIM suggested we drop that number down since they thought we were flooding the BES with too much data (??!!!) so we dropped it down to 4 threads. Rebooted all the POA's and mail started flowing. It flowed fine for about a week and then last night it started backing up again. I rebooted one POA just as a test (with no settings changes) and it didn't help. I then upped the number of SOAP threads to 10 and rebooted. Mail started flowing again. But now, a few hours later, it is slowing down again. What should I set my SOAP settings to for optimal performance?

2. We have one particular user who's mail is consistently delayed by 15 to 30 minutes to his BB regardless of the state of the system as a whole.

One of the issues we're having is that we're not sure how to tell which end the problem is on -- GW or BES. When the BES makes a connection to the POA to pick up mail from a mailbox, what exactly should we see in the POA log?

Our BES version is 4.1.16.