This is weird.

Schema has been extended to 8.0.1
Snapins are most definitely 8.0.1
Primary domain is 8.0.1

However, we're seeing some odd issues with certain operations.

GW 7.0.3 HP3 POA

If we move users in that PO, but only move their eDir portion, it seems that GroupWise LDAP authentication no longer works for those users. We end up having to dis-associate, wait for that to sync through. Re-associate. Wait for that to sync through. Then do a synchronize. Then they can login. Doing just a synchronize by itself doesn't work.


A diff. GW 7.0.3 HP3 POA -
If we go into consoleone, groupwise view, and uncheck the "disable logins" for a previously disabled account, the user can never login. POA continues to show a D174 - user temporarily disabled.

It's almost as if the 8.0.1 snapins don't communicate properly to the system or eDir.

eDir is in sync and healthy (8.8.5) and all other aspects work fine, just these odd GroupWise operations.

And the plot thickens now.

If I connect to the domain that owns the POA, I see that the "disable login" box is not unchecked.

But if I connect to the Primary domain, it shows it IS unchecked. Basically it seems that the 8.0.1 Primary domain isn't properly communicating changes to any 7.0.3 domains.

Yet, it shows all domains open, etc.