I got BM 3.8 on OES NW6.5 sp5

I have Nat already in place and it works for what's already there. I
add an available IP address into the system and it refuses to work for
the additional device.

IP address and subnet are valid. IP actually falls inbetween other
working address's.

When sending packets to the public internet, nothing comes out of the
BM. When packets are send in, they are not acknowledged. In addition,
in case I was missing something in my packet traces, I even stuck a
PC on the outside connection with the public address I'm using, and
had no problems with that. So it's definitely a problem here.

Filtering is off. IPFLT & FILTSRV are unloaded. And unloaded again
when I reinitialize the system.

Interesting test with "ping"

First, from the BM, I can consistently ping the internal device on the
private network.

From the outside, no ping responses to the NAT public address. Ping
does respond on other public NAT devices.

Now I deleted the secondary address, and the entry in the NAT table.

Then I only added the secondary address, reinitialized the system. At
this point I can ping from the internet to the public address just

Then I added the entry into the NAT table to point to the internal
device. As soon as I reinitialized the system ping stopped getting
responses. (IPFLT & FILTSRV auto load, and I unloaded them)

However, I know the device is there are working since I also have ping
on the BM server running pinging the device on the local subnet. I can
also pick up the icmp packets hitting the BM with no response.

I've also run this senario rebooting instead of reinitializing with
the same outcome.

Any ideas. Thanks