NBM 3.8 sp4 with post sp4 patches.
NW6.5 sp5

I recently ran out of ips on my 192.168.10.x network.

I tried changing the BM LAN netmask to which is a valid
netmask for through Everything works,
except, the STATIC NATs. I tried everything I could think of. . .

turning on RIP2
Unloaded filters
restarting my bordermanager
restarting everything
rebooting switches, routers hubs

I take out the static maps, and then I could ping the secondary IP
addresses on the Wan side. As soon as I put the maps back in, I could no
longer ping or access the servers on my LAN from the outside world.

I did notice there is no way to put broadcast IPs in inetcfg. How does
TCPIP.NLM calculate them?

I am thinking that Netware is not able to comprehend more than one class C
in 192.168.x.x somewhere because those are supposed to be single class C
nets. I could not change to 172.23.x.x because there are so many
printers, and other stuff on the 192.168.10 network. I have a feeling
that 172.23.10.x and 172.23.11.x would work.

Before I have to re-ip my entire infrastructure. . . does anyone have any

- Don Reiher