Hi all. I have one box (windows 2003 file server) in my company that is my current file server. I have the novell client on it so I can see needed drives from my netware 6 box. The files that I copy FROM netware over to windows are OK and accesible; if I right click on them I see appropriate windows commands. However I have one program that I installed to this box (windows) so all of my users could get to it. Now it is totally inacessible unless I browse to it (using run>browse; right clicking start and explore will not get me there). this is the only folder I have problems with and when I do browse out to it and right click it it gives me NETWARE file info: netware copy, etc.... This is not correct as it's installed on a native box so.....all of my netware files I copied from netware to windows anyone can browse to. The one file I created on windows is not browsable to by anyone unless on the server. The common denominator is the novell client. not to mention the folder info shows only netware rights??????? any help would be greatly appriciated. This isn't in a windows forum as it's not a windows issue.