I wasn't quite sure which forum this should be posted (apologies if this
is wrong). Here's the problem:

Background: I'm comfortable with setting up NAT so that the outside world
can get to internal servers based upon routing and filtering of IP
Addresses and ports etc.

The problem I have is that a server has WINSCP (3.7.6)
(http://winscp.net/eng/index.php) installed and needs to communicate with
a server on the outside world. Unfortunately I just can't get this to
work. I'm sure this is a routing issue rather than a filters issues
because it still doesn't work with the filters unloaded.

(NW6 SP5 and BM3.7 SP3)

Here's the setup so far (all made up IP addresses!)

Server with WINSCP - IP Address (with default gateway -
Internal Address of BM Server - (LAN static routing -Destination - Next Hop

External BM Address

The WINSCP server I'm trying to get to is

The BM box also has a proxy and there is a setting within WINSCP to use a
proxy but this doesn't appear to work either.

The WINSCP server CAN browse the internet through the BM Proxy but when
you try to connect the log file reads:

Looking up host
Connecting to on port 22
Waiting for data timed out, asking user what to do

I've also checked with our ISP and port 22 is open on our router.

Any suggestions gratefully received!