ZCM 10.2.1

Hi all, I have a bundle created that simply puts a shortcut icon on the desktop. It points to a pdf file, problem is the path has several spaces and is very long, about 90 characters.

When I try to launch the icon I get an error that the file can not be found. I have tried many options for launching the pdf, "Launch Windows Executable" both pointing to the pdf to open it directly and launching acrord32.exe using the path to the pdf as a command line parameter. Either way I do it the document will not open. Either get the document not found or illegal characters in the path messages.

Any ideas on how to work around this? Obvious option is to shorten the path and remove spaces. However this doc is used by a whole department and I don't want to break any hard link icons. Also I realize I could copy the doc to the desktop, but this doc gets updated regularly and they need people to have access to the most current version.

So I guess I am asking for suggestions on how to work around the long path and spaces without changing anything about the current location of the document.

Oh, side note these worked fine in ZDM 4.