N6 server running BM3.7. Been using pcAnywhere on 5 PCs in the
organization for years. Now ISP has allotted more external fixed IP
addresses and I am trying to set up a new PC to use one of the new
addresses. I added the new addresses and their proper translations to
the NAT definition (via INETCFG) and verified that the new
translations look just like the original 5 in TCPIP.CFG. The 5631 and
5632 filter exceptions are set to all addresses. I have tested and
confirmed that I can use the new IP address to connect to the 5631
port of a PC on the public side of the BM server but not on the
private side.

Can anyone suggest a setting I might have missed to open these new
addresses through BorderMgr? Possibly a subnet mask somewhere that
would limit the number of static IPs available? At a loss - any help