Don't know if this is the correct forum to post.

Ive created Personality Migration Template and Store Personality Directive Bundle to store the current logged user profile.

Path where the PNP file is to be created [folder on NetWare server]\%USERNAME%.pnp

On Windows XP the latest Novell Client is installed and user has rights to save files to [folder on NetWare server].

Event Log Error:
Category: Personality Migration Action
ActionHandlers.PersonalityHandler.SomeSettingsFail ed: Some settings could not be migrated. The error was - "There was an error when completing the Platform Neutral Package. The error message was: "Error calling CreateFile on path [folder on NetWare server]

I've found that PersonalityHandler has worked from temporary local account.

Is it possible to use NetWare server folders to store PNP file?