A client has an interesting issue. There are a couple of spreadsheets that are used department-wide - mostly as a reference for tracking certain information. The server is NetWare 6.5 sp 3. The clients are XP PCs with at least sp2 and the NetWare client is at least 4.9 - but could be newer. Across the board, if the Excel spreadsheet has been opened by one person, the next person to try opening it and all others, get a message that the spreadsheet does not exist. A few users have Vista clients with either the original NetWare client for Vista or the current NetWare client for Vista. Those users can not only open the spreadsheet that is in use, but they can right to it as well.

The result that should happen and always used to happen was that the document would open and be fully writeable for the first user and all following users would see it as in use and read only. Since upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007, the problems described above are happening. They were on Office XP previously.

I am thinking that this may be an oplocks issue. However, before I go patching the server and the clients, I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this and/or if there is an easier fix - or, even if I'm barking up the right tree or not.

Thanks for your help.