Up to now I now just these two:

[inst: spedir]
[inst: upgrade]

Are there other switches?

For a test system (nothing productive) I used [inst: upgrade], and the setup failed
at a quite early state.

At this point "C:\NWSERVER" wasn't filled properly. So another [inst: upgrade]
refused to proceed at some point, as it recognized that C:\NWSERVER\ wasn't valid

Is there another parameter to *FORCE* an upgrade installation?

How to specify more than one parameter at the same time? As this server wasn't
important at all, I filled c:\nwserver\ manually with the files from another
NW56.5.8 box running on identical hardware, then I tried this:

[inst: upgrade]
[inst: spedir]

The 2nd parameter was not required, as eDir 8.7 *WAS* installed, I just did so to
check, *IF* this would be the right way to specify multiple parameters.

And it is *NOT*: the parameter #1 wasn't effective any more, SYS: got deleted.
(didn't harm, as this was just a test installation)

Regards, Rudi.