Hello there,

Back in April we were having problems logging in to Novell through a
Terminal services session on our Windows 2000 Terminal Server. At the
time it was recommended we update both the Novell Client(Now 4.91.4)
and the terminal services client. For a while that seemed to resolve
the login issue. However, now it has returned.

I ran packet traces using WireShark and found that NMAS is returning a
-1642 Login Failed message when the client contacts our GroupWise
server (Our sole SLES 9 OES1 We have applied all patches from the
channel and all service packs) to process the login. This gives a
login failed message to the user who then can click OK, Type in their
password, and then authenticate.

If the client connects to our main File server (SLES 10 SP2 OES2 SP1)
then the login is handled correctly and the Terminal session succeeds.

I did a DS trace on the GroupWise server and on the first instance of
a connection I get 4 errors:

ERROR: -1697 MAF_GetPassword LSM 0x00000007
MAF_End LSM 0x00000007 failed
ERROR: -1642 Login Method
ERROR: -1642 NMAS Manager

After the user types in their password and tries to login, I receive
the following

ERROR: -1697 MAF_GetPassword LSM 0x00000007
MAF_End LSM 0x00000007 successful
Successful login

What should I be taking away from this information?

What is truly annoying is that a user can connect 20 or 30 times in a
row to our main file server and then one odd time it goes to the
GroupWise server and we are frooped. The terminal services machine
never tries to authenticate to any of the Netware 6.5 SP7-8 servers we
have on the network It all ways goes straight to the GroupWise

Any help is appreciated.

Dan Larson