We are having some random issues at a school site. They are trying to run NALdesk from the login script.

******* NAL Desk Execute ********
@exist C:\Progra~1\Novell\Zenworks\naldesk.exe
if "%ERRORLEVEL"!="0" then

During the login there is an error : Login- LGNWNT32.DLL-740 This utility could not execute external program c:\program~1\novell\zenworks\naldesk.exe

The Novell client version is 4.91 Sp5 and the UNC Path Filter settings is set to "ON" (I know that this has been an issue in the past just wanting to put that out there)

I have worked with ZFD in the past, but it has been awhile just wondering if anyone might have some ideas as to what might be causing the issue with UNC paths. Thank you