We've run into a serious problem on one of our networks.

Our master workstation image used to be based on Zen 7. We recently decided to uninstall Zen 7 from our image, and instead deploy ZCM 10 to each workstation as it is deployed (after the fact).

What we have found is that each workstation we deploy has an IDENTICAL Zenworks GUID and Object ID (SID is unique because we use Sysprep).

We believe the reason is that this data is stored in the Image-safe, and that is probably somewhere on the boot sector.

On our master image, we ran:
Clear Image Safe Data
Yes to Save the modification
No, do not set "Just imaged flag."

This worked very well for clearing the master image of the Image-safe data.

The problem is that if we re-Ghost over an OLD drive, somehow it is retaining the OLD image-safe data, I think from Zen 7. So we have a few hundred old drives that ALL have something written in the Image-Safe area. My best current plan is to write 0's to all of the drives and then Ghost them from our new image.

Is there a better way? Am I understanding this right?